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Last night I decided to bolster my chances of owning every single hypey pitcher available on the market. So I picked myself up Kevin Correia, a young-former-middle-reliever who has been slotted in the starter pool for the San Francisco. You see, Noah Lowry is injured, although one would say he is cowering in his mother’s basement, afraid to pitch with such poor run support.

So it comes down to this: Either Correia or Jonathan Sanchez get the last spot in the rotation once Lowry returns. I got my money on Correia and Zegen is on the other side of the fence (which I refer to as the wrong side of the fence). Sanchez has great make-up, and he always enjoyed an astonishing K rate. But he’s a reliever, you’ll see. Let’s check out their starting stats from last season.

Sanchez (in 4 starts): 0-3, allowed 13 earned runs in 16.1 innings of work, including the final outing where he barely made it out of the first inning, allowing 4 runs. He struck out 19 batters, but walked 5 and gave up 24 HITS. That’s a pant-load of hits, if I don’t say so myself.

Correia (in 6 starts): In 41.2 innings, he went 1-1, giving up a glorious 13 runs. In fact, only one of those outings involved more than 2 runs being scored on him. He struck out 34 batters in that span, walking only 12 batters and giving up 34 hits. Yeah, it’s ten more hits than Sanchez, but he pitched 25.1 more innings!

So yeah, Correia dope, Sanchez nope.

Also, goodbye Rajai Davis. Maybe someday you’ll get some regular duty as a speedy outfielder. His yahoo player note was afire as soon as I dropped him, making me think that he was starting; regret and panic set in.

And then I read the note:

“Apr 10 OF Rajai Davis is excited about the opportunity to wear No. 42 next Tuesday, the 61st anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s first game in the majors, which broke the color line. On that day, players are allowed to wear Robinson’s number as a tribute. Last year, some entire teams suited up in No. 42, including the Pirates. Davis was in the Pirates’ farm system at the time and didn’t get an opportunity, and now he says he wants to take advantage off it.”

Approximate fantasy worth? Nil.

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