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Now I didn’t start Jon Lester. Best start of his short career, according to Rotoworld.

I didn’t start Boof Bonser. He gave up a solo shot to Joe Crede through 7 innings. Nothing else. Anger rising.

I didn’t start Phil Hughes. He got shelled. Anger starts to dissipate…

I started Johnny Cueto. Um, I then watched a broken bat single fall in (off of Brandon Phillips stupid outstretched glove), and then Ken Griffey Jr. decides he needs to slide to run down base hits. What? Why? And then he bobbles the ball, and is charged with the error, but all of the runs that came in during said error are charged to Cueto. Great. 7 earned runs later, my ERA has gone up by more than 30 points, and my WHIP has risen from 1.27 to 1.30. My anger is boiling over into madness…

I then turn the television to watch Raphael Betancourt give up a three run homerun.


By the way, my hitting’s okay tonight. But it doesn’t matter. Tim Lincecum is starting to get shelled right now. Nothing like crying myself to sleep at night.

My life is good. I’m telling you. It is.

PS- As I wrote this post, Jose Reyes committed an error which led to Billy Wagner blowing his first save this year.

PPS – As I wrote that PS, Tim Lincecum allowed three hits and an RBI double. When it rains it pours. Fuck me.

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