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What else could explain the fact that Kyle Lohse has been drafted, dropped, picked up, dropped, and then picked up again?  By the same person in our league, Shatraw.  He has won the last 3 league championships, indeed wrestling the victory away from my own team last year (heart-breaking considering I was in first for more than half the season).

Don’t worry, that’s not as bad as Shanks’ move.  Apparently buying into the strategy championed by Shatraw, all caution has been thrown to the wind and the venerable Californian (Shanks) decided to pick up Braden Looper.


I love the uncertainty of first week of Fantasy Baseball as much as the next guy, but the St. Louis Cardinals pitchers will not maintain their current ratios.  As it stands:

St. Louis Cardinals Pitching Staff:

Staff ERA – 2.48

Staff WHIP – 1.18

Staff BAA – .233

I see ill tidings for the Cards staff.  Ill tidings indeed.


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