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Por que?

Por que?

I drafted you in the fricking first round.  What the frick!?

You sat there and slowly but surely started to steal your requisite 25 bases in the first half.  And then you pulled your hamstring.  And then you checked your swing, and “something popped.”  Great, there went my legitimate shot at finishing anything close to second place.

As is, I still have an outside to chance to break even and finish 3rd in this league, but I’m sad.

– Ty Wigginton has been on fire for my team.  Thank Jehovah he qualifies for outfield now.  Carl Crawford, your timing was horrible.

-I should not have traded Manny.  I was a fool.  Just like last year, when I traded Carlos Lee for Andruw Jones.  Woof.

-I initially regretted taking Grady Sizemore with my second wrap-around pick for a lack of power.  He now has 31 homers to go along with 34 SB’s, and is actually on pace for 100 RBI’s.  And he’s hitting leadoff.  That’s unsane.

-Tim Lincecum now has 15 wins.  That’s 6 more than I expected out him.  And he’s tied for the MLB lead in ERA with Cliff Lee, and oh yeah, he has 210 K’s.  Wow.

-I’ve over-managed my team this year.  Too many add/drops, too many trades.  I should’ve just stood pat with my team and gave it a shot.  Oh well.

-I’ll have my list of guys that league-mates will over-reach for next season.  Included, Michael Zegen’s infatuation with all things Melky Cabrera.  And of course Tristan’s throbbing Luis Ayala boner.

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