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I hope you enjoyed Slanch’s post, he and I will be trading off posts about our fantasy league all season long! Now I’ll do a quick recap of why my team is battling for first (albeit nothing counts now because it’s so early, but still, I’m glad I’m not Slanch).

Adam Lind: Um, end-game draft pick who has already clobbered three home runs, driven in 12 and scored 11? Yup. Also, Cito Gaston has him in the lineup every day, even against lefties! Zoinks!

Nick Markakis: Still can’t figure out why he was still available in the third round. Second round talent, sitting there, and everyone passed. Sure, he won’t hit 40 homers, but he’ll score and drive in runs a TON in that lineup.

Carlos Pena: Yet another cat who was just sitting there, waving at me and saying, “Look, you know I’m good for at least 30 homers, and 40 bombs is attainable.” I listened.

Mike Cameron: I haven’t been starting him, but I slotted him in a couple nights ago and he went 3-3 with 2 homers! That, my friends, is luck to the MAX.

Corey Hart: Suddenly he’s drawing walks, and I love the fact that he’s learning to lay off the slider. Three homers already? Money. No steals? Eh. Gimme dose steals, bro!

KONERKO: Awesome, guy is actually swinging the bat okay, may even hit 25 homers without completely tanking my Batting Average. Whoopee.

Raul Ibanez: Bat coming to life, hitting homers nonetheless and in an incredibly powerful line-up for ribbies. Big fun all year.

My Pitching: Meh. Joba and Jered Weaver like to walk batters, Randy Johnson is terrible, even Peavy has been uneven. It’s early, though. Or so I tell myself via blog. It’s early.

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