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One thing I need to explain is Stattracker. Stattracker is a service provided by Yahoo for free. For the first two weeks of the fantasy baseball season, that is.

There are a million and one flaws in the program. Sometimes it doesn’t load up at all. Other times it tells you that Alex Rodriguez hit a single. The next batter is Alex Rodriguez, and he grounds out. And then you read that Alex Rodriguez has hit a double, scoring Alex Rodriguez. Upon viewing the game’s box score, Stattracker calmly tells you that no one has gotten a hit. At all. In fact, the game hasn’t started.

This is a typical day of Stattracker. This, of course, is after you pay the 10-12 dollars they demands you pay up front, no matter how shitty the service provided.

So, in the coming months you will get to know Stattracker very well indeed.

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