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I’m in two leagues, a standard 12 team 5X5 roto and a 10 team Head-to-Head league. Both are insanely competitive (no matter what Shatraw/Cockcroft say), and I find myself taking stock of my teams as April is almost over.

I’m currently on hold in 4th place in the Roto league (despite Shatraw’s ridiculous “Your team won’t make it out of 6th place” claim), and am in 2nd place in the H2H. There, that felt better. Languishing in both leagues out of the gate was not the way I thought things would begin. Anyways, this following quote cheered me up even when I realized that Frank Thomas (who I just traded a closer away for) will be without team for quite some time.

Edwin Encarnacion jacked a home run off of my starter (Gallardo). The same fucking thing happened yesterday when Corey Hart hit his first home run off of Cueto. There should be a term for when your players do damage against your own pitcher. Haven’t thought of it yet.

Anyways, Encarnacion accounts for the only run against my awesome Gallardo, and they go into extra innings. Edwin throws the ball away, which leads to 2 runs scoring. He then proceeds to jack ANOTHER solo shot to help the Reds beat Gagne and the Brewers yesterday. This led to my new favorite quote.

“Reds manager Dusty Baker seems to be more patient with Encarnacion than previous manager Jerry Narron. “I’m happy for him because this guy bleeds internally, big-time,” Baker said.”

I guess I understand what ole Dusty’s imparting, but he just chose the weirdest way to say it. Other big time players who follow Dusty’s new great player guide line:

John McClaine- Spends every film getting his ribs cracked into his internal organs. Gamer, hustler.

Rambo – Bonus points for HGH use, crazier than Dusty.

That guy from Alien – Yeah, that hurts. And also bleeds, which means he’s gritty.

So yeah, Dusty Baker’s a genius and now Edwin has 4 homers in April. Yummy.

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