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Broken hearted. Also, I still own Pedro Feliz. Woof.

It seems as if every single time I have someone in position for an RBI, they choke and strike out. Manny Ramirez has been up three times with the bases loaded already.

How many times has the dependable and quirky outfielder come through.


He’s not the only offender. Recently, I’ve had to go Daric Barton to get a fucking RBI. These are dire straits, man, dire straits.

In case you were wondering, Pedro Feliz currently resides in my UT spot in my league. He’s giving the usual performance, maybe a ribby and a run with a .200 average. Fun.

Meanwhile, my pitching is lights on. Meaning it is mediocre/terrible. And if it is good, there is no run support. Go to it, young Lincecum, go to it!!!

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